All about 2020 and a bit about 2021

Well, where on earth do I begin? Let’s not dwell on the whole craziness of 2020 from a global point of view since that will be covered by lots of other people more knowledgeable and fluent than me. I will just mention here that I am disgusted with the way this pandemic has been handled by governments globally and by individuals who don’t seem to be taking it seriously. This virus should have been contained by a global shutdown of a minimum of 1 month with nobody allowed out of their homes for any reason whatsoever and food and essential items being distributed by the army. Only essential workers such as electricity and power supplies and telecommunications workers should be allowed to work and even then only under strict supervision and stringent rules. I believe that a total, global lockdown would have eliminated this virus after a month or two and we would have been able to return to normality in the summer. Now we are in a right old mess that only God can sort out.

 Covid-19 has affected me personally but not as much as it has affected many people in the world. I have still gone out to work most days and my lifestyle has not had to drastically alter because of this virus. This is mostly because my personal lifestyle is not one of meetings and social events. I much prefer to be on my own with a good book and a coffee so adapting to staying at home isn’t that much different to normal for me.

I will remember this year mostly for the amount of time ive had to have off due to my own personal health and that of my family. Personally, I have had to have time off for stress and for a burst nasal polyp which is still ongoing. For my family, my wife has ongoing health issues that I have had to have time off for but my mum is the biggest reason for the majority of my time off this year. she had a stroke in late September and was admitted to hospital. As I am her primary carer and the only member of this household who can currently drive it was my responsibility to be her contact. The covid rules only allowed 1 authorised visitor and that had to be me. So, in order to help mum I had to book off work for 2 months. I then managed to return to work for a total on 1 whole shift before the hospital rang me to order me to isolate as mum had contracted covid. Then I returned to work for 3 weeks and am now off with my nasal problems.

What this has taught me is not to rely on work as a necessity. I need to generate a different form of income stream that allows me to be able to accommodate all the other pressures on my life right now, from my own, personal health to that of my family.

So now to 2021. This is the year I intend to expand my writing and my voiceover skills to a level that will give me an income stream. More on this in future entries. I am currently working on my plan for 2021.

Another area I want to focus on is my faith. It is time for me to finally engage fully with Christ. To this end I am going to begin my Theology studies in 2021. My aim is to eventually study Theology formally and get a qualification in it. At the moment I don’t know where this will lead but I am going to go along with my feelings on this matter.

Also in 2021 I want to increase my reading levels to try to get back to the amount of reading I used to do back when I was a teenager. To begin with I want to aim for 2 full books per month. I will update my goodreads profile to keep track of this.

Well, that’s all for now. My brief summary of 2020 and an even more brief look at 2021.

More to come as I start a new chapter in my life story.

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