2021 update so far

Its now mid Feb 2021. The virus is still rampant throughout the world and seems to be getting worse. Our politicians still seem to be dithering over what to do and still haven’t implemented a full lockdown. I am still having to go out to work every night and risk catching the virus from the people I meet. So, nothing really has changed since the last time I wrote. It is high time the world’s governments stopped worrying about the economy and started worrying about the health of the general population. (rant over)

Some things are better though. My nose has healed well although I still have to be careful not to knock it. My mum is now in a care home and she seems a lot happier. I am happy too knowing that she is getting the proper care that we are unable to give her here. I would prefer to have her home living with us but I also realise that we wouldn’t be able to look after her to the level that the care home staff can. 

Knowing that mum is now safe has helped me feel able to return to some of my own projects. Over the past week I have been taking some holiday from work and am beginning to focus on my writing and my Theology studies. All of this is at very early stages right now but I’m just happy to finally be getting down to work on some of my new year resolutions. 

During January I updated some of my tech so that I could be more productive during 2021. 

Among the gadgets I bought were a new Kindle. I went for the Kindle Oasis (pictured below)

I know to some of you this would appear to be a luxury but I decided that with the amount of reading I do that I would splurge out a bit. This is the best thing I could have done. Reading on this compared to reading on paper or even from my old Kindle paperwhite is like moving from night to day. Before, I would have hesitated to buy a non-fiction reference book on my kindle owing to the clunkiness of navigating pages. On the Oasis this navigation is 100 times easier. I can now flick back and forth so much easier. This has now freed me up to carry my study materials around with me wherever I go instead of having them tied down to where I can carry huge, bulky reference books. Now I can study at work and when I’m out and about.  Not only this but the slightly larger screen on the Oasis makes reading so much easier for me even when I don’t have my glasses with me. I urge anyone who reads more than 2 or 3 hours a day to invest in one of these gadgets, you won’t regret it.

Another upgrade I made was to buy a new laptop. My old laptop was getting so slow that often I would find it taking so long to start up that my free time was nearly over before I had got the thing working!! At my wife’s urging I decided to splurge on a MacBook air.

Wow, this is brilliant. I now have a laptop that is light and small enough for me to want to carry around and the battery life is so good on it that I now feel confident to take it out with me knowing the battery won’t run out. This means I can write wherever I want. To be honest I am so impressed with the MacBook air that I am seriously considering migrating back to an Apple iPhone later in the year when the time comes to upgrade my present phone.

As for online use. When I’m at home I can connect to the home wi-fi and when I’m out and about I can store my writing on my laptop and update my Dropbox when I return home. If I desperately need a file from cloud storage while I’m out I can always tether my laptop to my phone to retrieve the file I need.

So, gadgets wise, I am happy with my 2021 upgrades and know that my productivity will be so much more this year because of them.

This brings me to my projects for 2021. This year seems to be going off in a direction I had not anticipated. I was expecting the first part of this year to be filled with pushing my voice-over and audiobook narrating business. Strangely, this seems to have taken a back seat to my writing and, even more surprisingly, my Theology. I have learned in recent years that I should not try to force the direction my life takes but to go with it. This doesn’t mean that I am ignoring my voice-overs but it does mean that I am allowing it to take a back seat for the time being. I have learned that God directs us to where he want us to be right now. I believe that God wants me to be studying the Bible and Theology right now and writing about it. So this is where I am directing my energies. I know that God has a reason for this. Perhaps my voice-over skills are now at the level he wants them to be for me and that there is a greater use for them once I have bought my other projects up to speed.

So, this is the state of play in my life right now. I am happy with things because I know the Lord is in full control. I trust in his judgement on my life and I will continue to push forward with all my energy in whatever direction I an guided. 

May you all have a blessed and busy February and March. Till next time, Andy.

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