Voice-overs and narration

Hi, my name is Andy. I am new to the voiceover industry and I would love to record for you. My natural voice is who I am, a middle aged British male voice, exactly what you are hearing right now in fact. I have recently completed my first full length audiobook for ACX, approx. 83,000 words. This should be going on sale through Audible very soon. I also enjoy volunteering for Librivox. I have recorded several poems for them and some longer chapters, this has been an excellent training ground and I will continue to volunteer for them as long as I can.

Even though I am new to the voiceover industry I am a lifelong fan of reading. I have read ever since I can remember, in fact my mum says I could read before I could walk. I don’t know how true that is but I like the story anyway!

I will supply a quality voiceover for your project whatever that project is. One thing to note, as a Christian I will not undertake any project that will undermine my Christian standards of decency or go against my Christian principles. But don’t worry, I will only accept work I am happy to do.

Here are some examples of recordings I have done recently:

If you like what you hear and think I would be ideal for your voice-over or narration project then please contact me here.

In the past few months I have made quite a few voluntary recordings for Librivox:

If you would like to hear more then go to my profile on Librivox

Sample from Paying with the Conquerors by Elmer Towns for Audible ACX
Chapter VIII Ritual of the ius divinum by W. Warde Fowler
Weekly Poetry 22nd June 2020 The Circus by Edwin C Ranck
The Best friend, a poem by Meribah Abbott. Read by Andrew bedford
Christ and his friends, A sermon by Louis Albert Banks (1895)
Weekly Poetry: The Magnet and the Churn by W.S. Gilbert