Update from the cabin

This week is a quiet week for my recording business. I haven’t got any recordings to do for LibriVox, although I could always do the weekly poetry recording if I feel in the mood later in the week.

There are a few good reasons why I’ve deliberately kept this week’s rest days free. The main reason is that I have now spent several week’s worth of rest days working really hard on my voice recording at the neglect of other aspects of setting my business up. This website needs a lot of work doing to it before I will be happy with it. Most of this work, much like voice recording, is behind the scenes stuff that only I will be aware of, tweaking some settings, writing drafts for pages and blog posts, setting things up to make website maintenance easier. One thing I want to set up is the ability to update and maintain my site from my mobile phone so that I can work on my website from anywhere. This will make me more accessible for potential clients as I build up my voice-over business. It will mean that should someone want to contact me for any reason then It won’t take me 4 or 5 days to reply to them, like it does at the moment,  Instead I will be able to reply almost instantly.

 Now that I’ve decided to launch myself as a professional narrator I’m conscious of all the technical shortcomings in my recordings. To fix these, the first thing I need to do is to Google the problem I want to fix. Now, I’m not the world’s best user of internet search engines so all this takes time. Even when I do find a website that might answer the problem, trying to make sense of all the techno babble can take a lot of time. Once I have the technical things sorted out, my next task will be to search for jobs to audition for. There is no easy way to do this other than ploughing through 1000’s of jobs posted on dozens of audition sites. To be honest, I really enjoy this aspect of the job because it involves lots of reading. I love reading, so this isn’t really a chore for me.

So, main task for this week is to shortlist at least 10 jobs I would like to audition for so that I can prepare the scripts ready for me to record on my next set of rest days.

Other jobs include working on my website and catching up on the huge backlog of books on my “to read” pile, both on my kindle and on my desk.

Anyway, I hope you are all keeping well and I pray that God will bless you all this coming week.

 Cheers for now, Andy.

About narrating

The primary aim of this website is to provide a home for my voice-over and narration. Currently this is a hobby for me but as I develop my skills I would like to build up into a business. My aim is to provide quality audiobook narration and voiceovers.

After some research I bought some basic recording equipment earlier this year (2020) and set up a small vocal booth in my office cabin at the bottom of my garden.

I began by reading short verses and poetry for  a volunteer website called LibriVox and to date I have made around 12 recordings for them ranging from short verses all the way up to my most recent project, a 58 minute recording of a chapter from a book called “The religious experience of the Roman people” by W Warde Fowler. A series of lectures from 1911 which included several passages of Latin. I chose this on purpose to challenge me and stretch my abilities and stretch me is most certainly did!! Here is the chapter I recorded:

Chapter VIII Ritual of the Ius Divinum

I still have a few technical issues to sort out and I would like to enroll in some kind of performance or public speaking course to develop my reading performance but the next step now is to launch myself on some of the audition websites and see if anyone likes my voice enough to want to pay for my services. This is my project for the next few months and I will write about my successes and failiures in future posts.

Anyway, for now here is a link to my page on Librivox.