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Who am I and what is this site all about?

Hello, I’m guessing that you have landed here by accident? Never mind, I hope that you will stay and look around for a while. In the meantime let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I have this blog and website.

My name is Andrew Bedford. I am a happily married 55 years old man and I live in West Yorkshire In the U.K. I am originally from a town called Northampton. I work as a truck driver for a major supermarket distribution centre.

All this is very nice and informative but I can almost hear you asking why have I gone to all the trouble to build myself a website? The simple answer to this is to have a place I can call my own on the Internet. Nowadays most people only establish a presence on the Internet if they are trying to sell something. I am no different. I am here to sell my services as a voice-over and narration artist. For more information about this please click here to go through to my voice-over section of this website.

I won’t dwell too much on my voice-overs in this introduction post although I will write about my adventures as I try to establish myself in this very creative industry in future posts.

Other things I will be writing about include Christianity. I am a very strong Christian and my faith is growing daily. I will write a lot about my faith on here although I must stress I am NOT a preacher or pastor. I have no authority or qualification that allows me to preach the bible so EVERYTHING I write is purely my own thoughts and opinions. I hope that what I write will provoke you into reading your bible, praying and doing your own research.

Other passions of mine will surface on this blog occasionally so expect some very random posts about random things. I will try my best to keep a category and tag system going to help in organising this blog but I guess this will be as random as my brain is. I.e. very random.

Anyway, I think I’ve waffled on for long enough now. Oh, that’s another thing I do, waffle. Expect long, wordy posts, I’m not a design expert, I am a writer and a reader. I love words!!

Anyway, enough from me for now. Feel free to look around this site, there may not be too much on it right now but I am adding stuff all the time so please come back often.

Cheers for now, Andy.

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