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Hello, my name is Andrew Bedford and I am a narrator and voice-over artist. I’ve set this website up so that I can show the world what I do.

I recently completed recording of my first Audiobook for Audible. More on this when It is released but for now have a listen to this little sample:

Praying With the Conquerors. By Elmer L Towns, Read by Andrew Bedford

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The purpose of this site is to be a central hub for all my activities and interests so that I have somewhere I can direct people to when they want to see or hear examples of my work.

While this site is primarily going to be focussed on my voice-over work, It will also become home to my other hobbies and businesses as they develop. I love reading, I have always wanted to become a writer and I am also a bit of a geek when It comes to technology and what we can do with it to enhance our lives. Expect many long winded posts about these obsessions over on the blog section of this site.

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Weekly music

This week’s song is “Shout to the lord” from Hillsong worship. This song was written and recorded in 1993 by Darlene Zschench who was then the worship Pastor at Hillsong Church in Australia. She wrote the song when she was struggling financially and trying to raise a young family. A situation most of us have …

Weekly music

Jenn Bostic “jealous of the Angels” This week’s song is a beautiful song from Christian country music artist Jenn Bostic. Jenn says that this song came from her experience losing her father to a car accident when she was only 10 years old. I think this song will resonate with anyone how has ever experienced …